How Things Work

It’s easy!

Once we’ve had an initial chat or meeting I will send you a proposal which will include your bespoke event design and costings. Costs will include:

  • An all inclusive fee: Dependent upon the time required to organise and run the event and the wine personality you chose to host the event.
  • A wine budget: Usually fixed with you beforehand as it is a bottomless pit! I source wines from a range of reputable specialists specifically for each event.

All you will have to do is think about what to wear! The rest is up to me and my team.

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Corporate Events and Tastings

Designed from scratch in order to meet your particular targets and objectives, our corporate events are completely bespoke. Impress your boss, schmooze your VIP clients and add shine to your company’s brand with an informative, entertaining and entirely memorable occasion.
  • Exclusive access to leading wine experts and personalities
  • Professional A-Z service provided by an experienced management and logistics team
  • Exclusive access to leading wine experts and personalities
  • Tailored events designed specifically to support your corporate objectives
  • In-house or external venue sourcing

Private Wine Tastings and Dinners

Be the host/hostess of the mostest and let us organise a fabulous, fun and unforgettable moment for you and your guests at home or in your favourite restaurant - your very own personalised, posh private wine tasting event.
  • Pre-party tasting challenge to get the mood swinging
  • Fancy wine dinners with a celeb wine personality
  • Bring your own - who has the poshest bottle

Team Building Challenges

Your company is built by the people who work there so give them a treat, break down barriers and strengthen relationships through thoroughly enjoyable sessions where the competitive juices will freely flow! No wine knowledge and no physical strength are required!
  • Blind tastings - spot the grape, country, price and age
  • It's a Wine Knockout Challenge
  • Call My Wine Bluff
  • Multiple choice general knowledge

Personal Wine Training

Whether you want to learn the rudiments of wine tasting, would like a crash course in claret, need to sound knowledgeable about wine for a business trip, or simply wish to indulge your passion in the company of one of the world's leading experts this is the ultimate in personalised service.
  • One-on-One (or small group) time with your favourite wine expert
  • Tailored programme of tastings and tuition covering the areas of particular interest to you
  • Location and duration of your choice

In-House Corporate Team Training

We can give your events team a practical dose of relevant wine tips and knowledge to help them to organise and manage events with more confidence and efficiency, to get the most out of their budgets and meet specific objectives. We'll design a programme tailored to their individual responsibilities:
  • Selecting, purchasing, storing and serving wine
  • Event organisation - an A to Z guide
  • 'It'll be alright on the night' event management skills
  • Direct access to a team adviser for ‘on the job’ queries

Corporate and Private Wine Tours

A genuine door opening service, we can organise a completely exclusive tour for you and your friends or clients in the world’s most famous wine regions, offering exceptional access normally reserved for top professionals only.
  • Privileged access to prestigious chateaux and domains in major wine regions
  • Taste and talk with the winery owners, winemakers and cellarmasters
  • Insight and instruction from your personal accompanying expert
  • Wine and dine with star personalities of the region