Show Time

Each event will be completely tailored for you. With wine there is no limit to the type of experience we can organize whether it be an intimate do with friends or a large formal affair to schmooze your top clients.

To whet your thirst here are a few suggestions:

  • ‘Show Off’ – wow your friends with a fancy social gathering at home or out over lunch, dinner or just because.
  • ‘Show Down’ – Get the competitive juices flowing and lubricate your networking event with a quiz style blind tasting, call my wine bluff or it’s a wine knockout.
  • ‘Showy’ – Impress even the most hardened of corporate clients with a celebrity wine personality and a selection of star quality bottles and brands.
  • ‘Show How’ – Build cohesion amongst the troops with a motivational session building teams and pitting them against each other.


Wine Collections

Wines will be selected for each specific event and according to your budget. Possibilities are endless and these are some popular themes for a touch of inspiration:

  • Sports Challenge: wines from countries participating in relevant sporting events.
  • The Unspeakables: selection of unpronouncable grape varieties from countries you didn’t know even produce wine.
  • Voyager Express: classic ’round the world’ selection from key wine producing countries and regions.
  • Swanker Selection: The blingiest of wine labels and brands dressed to impress.